Friday, 4 November 2016

George Brown College and P.A.C.E.

Did you know…George Brown College has a long history with P.A.C.E. Canada? 
In 2003, the School of Early Childhood was awarded a 5 year project in Jamaica from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. 
In 2008, the college was awarded a 3-year project to continue cooperation with the Early Childhood Commission and Shortwood Teachers’ College. 
Our connection with P.A.C.E. included orientation sessions for our faculty and students travelling to Jamaica and our attendance at fundraising events. P.A.C.E. also hosted our Jamaican colleagues who travelled on study tours to Toronto.  
The College also prepared presentations of our work for meetings held by P.A.C.E. 
Our association has been an opportunity to engage and learn from each other. The college has adopted Newlands Basic School located in Portmore, St. Catherine and students and faculty visit annually.

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