Monday, 27 June 2016

President's Message

Summer is finally here and it is already looking glorious. Real tropical weather in true TO style.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers and board members who assisted in making our June Strawberry Social very special indeed.

A very big thank you to a new Pace member, Nadine Spencer, who stepped up to the plate and organized a boonoonoonos fashion show.  And to two our new board members Mark Fullerton & Jackie Thomas who strutted in style on the catwalk.

Also new member Marsha Brown who not only modeled but made sure she sold tables and ads and to Raf Walker who even though she should have been taking full care of herself she was selling tickets from her bed.  I could go on and on. See yah we have some Tallawah PACE people on board.
We are taking a short break for the summer as we begin planning for the rest of 2016 and begin finalizing our plans and budgets to celebrate 2017-OUR 30th YEAR!!

Plan to up your donations (if you can). Encourage friends and family to get involved and most importantly please do share your ideas with us.

Welcome to the new and returning board members. I am honoured to serve.
Walk Good.

Sandra Whiting

President, P.A.C.E. Canada

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