Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Boys' and Girls' Club Playground

For close to sixty years the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough has been providing quality programs for children and youth in East Scarborough. Being able to support families by providing a safe space and quality programs is fundamental role for the Club in our community.
The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough has been a strong supporter of the importance of early childhood education and the impact that it has in the development of a well-rounded child. As an organization we have developed 4 licensed childcare programs in neighbourhoods throughout East Scarborough that supports the development of early learning. The ongoing support of our Licensed Childcare Programs by PACE has gone a long way in enhancing the experiences of many children who participate in the program.
The Eastside Childcare Centre located at 20 Waldock Street in Scarborough offers, toddler, preschool, and Kindergarten Licensed Childcare Programs. This centre is located in Eastview Public School, a Toronto District School Board facility.
The outdoor space that the childcare currently has is a concrete space with minimal shade and play equipment. They would like to retro fit this space with some natural play structures to bring more nature into the space. They would also include areas of manufactured green space to insure the equipment will work for the children in the space.
The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough is located in one of Toronto’s 13 priority neighbourhoods, Kingston Road /Galloway and Orton Park. This has been identified and designated as critically underserved and “high risk” area by The Strong Neighbourhoods Task Force.
Deeply imbedded within this neighbourhood are societal problems such as poverty, substance abuse, and gang-related violence. Efforts to reduce these problems and to increase opportunities for children and youth are greatly needed.
East Scarborough including the Kingston/Galloway – Orton Park area is populated predominantly with new immigrants, refugees, Aboriginals and other racialized ethnic groups.
In this particular area 29% of families are living below the low income cut-off. 22% of children in Kingston/Galloway are under the age of 14 years old. 13.6% of the population are youth 14-24 years old, in comparison to 12% in the rest of the city. The 2006 census report indicates that 32% of families are lone parents in comparison to the city average of 19.7%.

In support of this playground initiative, Sandra Whiting attended their recent Annual General Meeting and presented a cheque on behalf of P.A.C.E. Canada. The funds will be used to build the playground and a dedication plaque will be installed. In recognition of their appreciation for our support we were presented with a certificate and a drawing by one of the students.
The playground equipment will include:
  • Backless Log park Bench - This offers a great space for children to gather and connect as well as offering gross motor skills. It can be a balance beam, a log to jump from or anything a child's imagination can conjure up.
  • Log Tunnel - These are fun for all ages. It's fun to crawl, walk, and run through allowing children to practice their motor planning skills while moving through the tunnel. This helps a child develop core strength and body coordination skills.
  • Stump Table - This provides opportunities to participate in focused activities and/or climbing structure for children. Its height and stability is perfect for children using a walker. The seating with a stump table provides a nice seating/gathering/snack area.

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